The cast of Acchi Kocchi (from left to right): Tsumiki Miniwa, Kikue Sakuragawa, Miiko Inui, Mayoi Katase, Io Otonashi, Sakaki Inui, Kana Miyama, Hime Haruno, Saki Sakimori, Ami Kirino, Kyōya Saibara.

Acchi Kocchi (あっちこっち Atchi Kocchi/Acchi Kocchi) is a Japanese yonkomanga series by Ishiki that was serialized in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara in 2006. 

An anime adaptation by AIC aired on TBS between April and June 2012 and has an additional 13th OVA episode.

While the anime series have ended, Ishiki is still publishing more monthly episodes of the manga.

About Acchi KocchiEdit

The story of Acchi Kocchi revolves around a group of friends attending the same class at Nekoge Prefectural Senior Highschool. Tsumiki Miniwa is the main protagonist of the series and the top of her class, is hopelessly in love with the stoic Io Otonashi, though he never seem to realize this, much to her disappointment. The story of her love is often made fun of by the mischievous Mayoi Katase and her partner in crime Sakaki Inui, which would often get them beaten up by Tsumiki and giving the air-headed Hime Haruno a ludicrous amount of nosebleeding.

The 13 episodes of the anime series and the ongoing manga tells the many comedy-filled everyday situations of the group, from their meetings in class to working part-time at Hatch Potch Cafe, full of laughter and crawling with crazy antics just waiting to happen.




Differences between the Manga and AnimeEdit

In the manga, the most notable differences from the anime are the reduced moe element and a different character design. The personality of the characters are also different from their anime counterparts (Tsumiki becomes more violent and less shy, Io becomes more "emotive", and Hime does not bleed from her nose as often,...).

The name of their school is also not mentioned in the manga.


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The intro theme is Atchi de Kotchi de  (あっちでこっちで, "Here and There") by Rumi OkuboNobuhiko OkamotoHitomi NabatameKaori Fukuhara and Shintarō Asanuma. The ending theme is Te o Gyu Shite ne (手をギュしてね, "Squeeze My Hand Tight") by Rumi Okubo and Nobuhiko Okamoto.


  • The school where the main cast goes to is named Nekoge, based on the word neko (招き猫, literally "cat" in Japanese). The anime series heavily features a cat theme, most notably the appearance and behavior of the main female protagonist, Tsumiki Miniwa. There are also a lot of cats in the town.
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