Acchi Kocchi Special
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date Nov,7,2012
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Sweet Necklace ⇔ Precious Jewel

Part A: Io dreams about a quest where Hime is a fairy, Tsumiki has been turned into a cat and Sakaki is an evil gatekeeper. Mayoi is the person who turned Tsumiki into a cat, and the only way to turn her back is if Io kisses her. Io does a "kiss-like" action, and wakes up, where it turns out they were all having the same dream.

Part B: The crew goes ice skating and Io helps Tsumiki, who is struggling with it. Later on, Tsumiki sees on the TV that any girl who has their name start with T should go straight forward to telling their crush they love them. Tsukimi then finds Io and grabs his hand and asks him to pet her on the head. At school, the students are looking in a magazine the Horoscopes section, and it turns out Io and Tsumiki are a good match. Io says horoscopes don't matter to him, but agrees that he and Tsumiki are a good match. Hime then exclaims that Tsumiki's horoscope came true.


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