Ami Kirino is a student at Nekoge Prefectural High School. She has her own talk show that she broadcasts through the school, giving advice to those who send her questions.

Ami Kirino
Japanese Name きりのあみ
Romanized Name Kirino Ami
English Name Ami Kirino
Age 14
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Gender Female
Ocupation Student/News Reporter
First Appearance
Debut Episode 4
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Marie Miyake


Ami has pinkish purple eyes and pink hair down to her shoulders, with a cat-like split lip smile. Her outfit includes pink glasses and a yellow clip in her hair, and similar to Hime Haruno, she wears the winter uniform's green jacket. She is the only known girl right now to have glasses.


Ami is a friendly and boisterous student, running the school's talk show. She enjoys making jokes, much like Sakaki, and appears to be quite obsessed with anything that has to do with romantic love, saying that girls are "warriors in the battle of love" from "the day they're born". She, like most female characters, becomes flustered when Io Otonashi says something kind or romantic.

Character RelationshipsEdit

  • Io OtonashiA friend who she has featured on her show.
  • Sakaki Inui - A friend who she has featured on her show.


Also look in the Ami image section.


  • The only girl to be seen wearing glasses
  • The only person to be a part of the Broadcast Committee
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