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Delicious Cakes ⇔ Valentine Kiss
Season 1, Episode 02
Air date April 12, 2012
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Part A: The group go to see Sakaki's older sister, Miiko. She owns a cake shop called Hatch Potch Cafe, and Io, Sakaki, and Hime work there. They went to see and taste Miiko's cakes. Miiko tries to convince Tsumiki and Mayoi to work for her, and Io serves them.

Part B: Since it's Valentine's Day, Tsumiki, Mayoi, and Hime make chocolates for the group. Tsumiki's chocolate is chocolate mousse for Io since he doesn't like plain chocolates. Hime makes heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies for the group. Mayoi's chocolates are surprise chocolates, which contain frog meat that she gives to Io and Sakaki. The next morning, they all hand out their chocolates. Mayoi calls Tsumiki over, and puts chocolate-flavored lipstick on Tsumiki's lips. Mayoi then pushes Tsumiki over to Io. Io at first seems annoyed with Mayoi, but touches Tsumiki's lips and tells her that her lips look sweet.


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