No. Title Original airdate
07 "It's the Mountains! It's a River! ⇔ Barbecue! ""Yama da! Kawa da! ⇔ Bābekyū!" (山だ!川だ!⇔バーベキュー!) May 17, 2012
Although summer homework is still waiting for them to finish, except for Io, the five decide to take a train trip to a mountain resort.
08 "Summer Homework ⇔ Summer Festival"

"Shukudai no Natsu ⇔ Matsuri no Natsu" (宿題の夏⇔祭りの夏)

May 24, 2012

Part A: The girls decide to pay a visit to Io's place as Tsumiki's air conditioner gets broken. However, Mayoi and Sakaki are still held by the task of finishing up their homework, and urges the others to not worry about them and have some fun by themselves, despite their behavior says otherwise. Part B: The gang attends the summer festival together, facing several humorous situations as they try some of its attractions.

09 "Dress Me Up! ⇔ The School Festival of Love and Romance"

"Watashi o Tsutsunde! ⇔ Koi to Roman no Gakuensai" (ワタシを包んで!⇔恋とロマンの学園祭)

May 31, 2012
The time comes for the school festival and the five decide to mount a crêpe stand (named "つつみん!" meaning something like "I wrapped") together, which turns out to be a great success. Io serves as the cook but also sews Tsumiki's mascot uniform by hand, and promises the first crêpe to her. Mayoi wears no lab coat over her waitress uniform.
10 "Bear Encounter ⇔ Lovelymas"

"Kuma Enkaunto ⇔ Raburimasu" (くまエンカウント⇔ラブリマス)

June 7, 2012

Part A: Mayoi buys a bear costume for cheap and decides to put it to use by scaring as many people as she can. Part B: Mayoi is planning to have a party on Christmas Eve but has to put it off to Christmas Day as Hime and Io promised to work in Hatch Potch. She and Tsumiki also stand in to help Io sell Christmas cakes in front of the shop.

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