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I Look Forward to You in the New Year ⇔ Rice Cake Game
Season 01, Episode 11
Air date June 21, 2012
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Bear Encounter ⇔ Lovelymas
Sweet Necklace ⇔ Precious Jewel


Part A: The five go to the New Year's festival, where Io seems to be very very tired. The following day they meet up at the Inuis' home. Their teacher, Kikue Sakuragawa, is present as well. They talk about new year's resolutions, play games, and have a meal. During this meal, Io and Tsumiki play the "mochi game".

Part B: It's a very cold day. Due to a flu epidemic, more than half the class is absent, so school finishes after lunch. Tsumiki and Io appear to have a 'moment' where Io touches Tsumiki's face and they look at each other for a long time. Sakaki interrupts them, and the moment ends. Afterwards, Io and Tsumiki both feel confused and flustered.


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