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Kana Miyama
Japanese Name みやまかな
Romanized Name Miyama Kana
English Name Kana Miyama
Age 14
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Gender Female
Ocupation Student
First Appearance
Debut Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Hiromi Konno

Kana Miyama (深山 佳奈Miyama Kana) is a student at Nekoge Prefectural Highschool and classmate of Sakaki Inui, Tsumiki Miniwa, Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase and Hime Haruno along with her best friend Saki Sakimori.


Kana Miyama has short green puffy pigtails and blue eyes. Kana is of medium height similar to Mayoi. She is rarely seen outside of her school uniform.

Kana was also shown to be quite athletic, as she ran around the whole school during the Kick the Can game and wasn't even a slight bit tired when the game came to an end. She was able to burst through a fake wall set up by Mayoi's team with ease.


Kana is a cheerful and energetic girl, as she always smiles and likes to hangout with her classmates, particularly Saki Sakimori. Like Mayoi, Kana has a playful side to her personality, as she is sometimes seen within Mayoi's circle along with Saki and Sakaki. Her pranks, if any, are usually aimed at Tsumiki, though she doesn't cross the line like Mayoi (and does not get hit as a result).

Kana is apparently friendly and easy-going, as she was known to be friends with many students in the school.

Character Relationships[]

  • Tsumiki Miniwa - Tsumiki is Kana's friend and classmate. The two does not cross paths very often, but whenever they do, Kana is usually involved in one of Mayoi's pranks, though she knows when it is too much and stops before Tsumiki gets angry, which in turn does not make Tsumiki hit her. Kana and Tsumiki are on good terms with each other.
  • Mayoi Katase - Usually, whenever Kana meets Mayoi and Sakaki, she is involved in one of their pranks against Tsumiki, though she does not play along to the end with them. Kana sees Mayoi as a good friend and classmate, but the two does not share much interactions beyond that.
  • Hime Haruno - Hime is Kana's classmate, and is seen hanging out with her and Saki sometimes. Kana's playful bouts when close to Tsumiki and Io usually gives Hime a huge nosebleed, which the former seemed to be amused of.
  • Io Otonashi - Io is Kana's friend and classmate, and is often involved in her playful teases at Tsumiki about the latter's crush on him, but he, like Tsumiki, does not seem to be bothered by this and still considers her a good friend.
  • Kyōya Saibara - Kana is aware of Kyōya's crush on Saki, and is sometimes seen teasing him about it, though she also helped him getting close to Saki at times (which usually fails, due to his awkward reactions). Kyōya is often seen in the company of Saki and Kana.
  • Saki Sakimori - Saki is Kana's best friend and is almost always seen close to her. Unlike the more serious Saki, Kana is the mischievous one of the pair and is sometimes seen "co-operating" with Saki to tease Tsumiki. Kana is aware of Kyōya Saibara's crush on her best friend and is seen teasing/helping him getting close to her.
  • Sakaki Inui - Sakaki is Kana's classmate and friend. Sakaki along with Mayoi are often seen coercing Kana into joining them in their antics, though she does not play along with them to the end and is not beaten up by the prank's victim (Tsumiki). 


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