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Mayoi Katase
Japanese Name 片瀬真宵
Romanized Name Katase Mayoi
English Name Mayoi Katase
Age 14
Birthday September 10
Gender Female
Ocupation Student
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)

Mayoi Katase (片瀬 真宵 Katase Mayoi) is one of the main female characters of Acchi Kocchi. Mayoi is a student at Nekoge Prefectural High School, along with Tsumiki Miniwa, Io Otonashi, Sakaki Inui and Hime Haruno. Along with Sakaki Inui, she makes up the prankster duo in the friendship circle.


Mayoi is very savvy with electronics and is almost never seen without her lab-coat. She loved to tease Tsumiki with a passion, which the latter disliked. She was also a very sneaky person with a rather twisted sense of humor. She is very fond of games and competition (though she mostly loses due to some strange mishaps) and she's always into teasing others, just like Sakaki.

Mayoi has a knack for inventing (usually strange) devices to assist her with her antics. Her jokes often backfire on her, resulting in her taking damage and/or foiling the prank.

She does not like showing her eyes, as in an episode when she was asked to show her eyes. In response, she showed the asker a 'double fringe'.


Mayoi has bright orange hair and two buns on each side of her head, with bangs covering her eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform and her lab coat covering it. Her mouth is cat-like, as she seems to have a split lip. Mayoi's eyes are never shown, both in anime and manga versions. In anime, it is revealed that Mayoi wears yellow bloomers with orange stripes under her skirt and lab coat.

In manga, Mayoi is noticeably shorter than in anime, much like other characters.

Character Relationships[]

  • Tsumiki Miniwa - Close friend and classmate. Mayoi would often tease Tsumiki about her crush on Io, which, more often than not, would earn her a devastating blow from the former. However, they both care about each other and are seen hanging out.
  • Io Otonashi - Io is Mayoi's classmate, whom she always teases because of Tsumiki's less-than-subtle crush on him. He does not seem to mind her antics, though he did hit her once when she lazed off during the group's study time at his house. Apart from casual chatting and teasing, Mayoi has never displayed any other interests in Io.
  • Hime Haruno - Mayoi's antics would often cause either physical or mental harm to Hime, though they both enjoyed each other's company. Despite her pranks, Mayoi seemed to care a lot about Hime, as with any other friend of hers, as when Hime forgot her umbrella at home, Mayoi would offer Hime her spare umbrella.
  • Sakaki Inui - Sakaki is almost always the fellow conspirator in Mayoi's schemes, though their plans would occasionally backfire and hurt him. They both quite enjoy teasing Tsumiki and Io as a couple. Some of Mayoi's pranks regarding Sakaki cause him humiliation and/or pain when they don't turn out well, though this is likely unintentional, as sheholds no ill will towards him.


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  • Mayoi has the habit of adding "-nya" to the end of her words.
  • Mayoi's habit of teasing her friends (especially Tsumiki) often results in said friend hitting her back severely. Therefore, in return of Tsumiki's unnatural strength, Mayoi displays unnatural endurance, able to survive against otherwise fatal damage. However this is most likely part of comical gags.