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Miiko Inui
Japanese Name 戌井 みいこ
Romanized Name Inui Miiko
English Name Miiko Inui
Age 17
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Gender Female
Ocupation Baker and Cafe Owner
First Appearance
Debut Episode 2
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Yuko Minaguchi (Japanese)
Morgan Garrett (English)

Miiko Inui (戌井 みいこ Inui Miiko) is the older sister of Sakaki Inui and owner of Hatch Potch Cafe. She is apparently a friend of Sakaki's homeroom teacher, Kikue Sakuragawa.

Like Kikue, Miiko is usually added in as a comedic relief.


According to Sakaki, Miiko is an easy-going young woman. She is always cheerful and understanding, though her reactions to certain things going on around her is a tad bit slower than everyone else.

Miiko is a very serious store manager, as she have threatened to fire Io should he upset her customers.

It is apparently very difficult to scare or surprise Miiko, as Io failed to imagine her reaction towards Mayoi speeding towards her in a bear costume. Miiko is fond of saying "My my" ("Ara ara~")


Miiko is about Io's height, though a large portion of her hair contributes to this. She is almost never seen outside of her Hatch Potch maid outfit.

Miiko has long blonde hair that reaches her waist. Her eye color is unknown, as she never opens her eyes.

Character Relationships[]

  • Tsumiki Miniwa - Tsumiki is one of Miiko's part-time employees and full time favourite customer, mainly due to Miiko's fascination with Tsumiki's crush on Io. As a way of "supporting" Tsumiki, Miiko repeatedly come up with tasks and situations when Io is alone with Tsumiki.
  • Mayoi Katase - Mayoi works for Miiko at Hatch Potch, though the two of them barely interacted with one another.
  • Hime Haruno -  Hime, along with Io, have been working for Miiko for an unknown period of time before they are discovered. Miiko would often make playful comments about Io and Tsumiki, which makes Hime pass out due to heavy nosebleeding.
  • Sakaki Inui - Sakaki is Miiko's younger brother and one of the few that knew of Hime and Io's job at Hatch Potch. Miiko dotes on her brother greatly, which sometimes annoys him. Despite this, Sakaki still respects his sister and she also cares about him. Miiko have apparently employed him as an employee.
  • Io Otonashi - Io is one of Miiko's original employees at Hatch Potch. Miiko is aware of and is amused by Tsumiki's crush on Io, which caused her to set up certain situations when Io and Tsumiki are alone together. Miiko have threatened to fire Io if he upsets her customers in the manga. In the anime, it is hinted by Sakaki that Miiko may have some feelings of attraction towards Io when he mentions that Miiko would bake and give Io a wedding cake for Valentines Day. Although, it is never explored and expanded on, instead being used as comic relief much like the feelings other girls have for Io since they all know Tsumiki's feelings for him. Miiko's "Valentines Cake" is also the only sweets that Io had a strong reaction about aside from Tsumiki's sweets, despite it being normal food like Hime's gift and unlike Mayoi's disgusting chocolate. It is implied that Miiko is one of Io's weaknesses and being teased about her/or being teased about her relationship with him makes him show way more emotion in denial than he does with his interactions with the other girls except Tsumiki, a thing that causes Tsumiki to be wary of Miiko. It is stated in the manga that Miiko used to act as a playmate for Io when he was young.
  • Kikue Sakuragawa - Kikue is Miiko's friend, though the two have not appeared together on screen very much. She also likes to tease Kikue about her boyfriend issues



  • Miiko is the only family member who has appeared in the anime and manga, being Sakaki's sister
  • Her introduction in the anime greatly differs from the manga version. In the anime Tsumiki's group visited her store during the rain, having apparently known her, while in the manga they followed Io because he was acting "strange" and bumped into him walking with Miiko. Hatch Potch is subsequently introduced after that.
  • She constantly says ara ara (あらあら) or my, my. She is also the only person in the anime who says it.
  • Miiko has never shown her eyes.