Pool and Shirt and ⇔ Homework
Season 01, Episode 06
Air date May 10, 2012
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It's the Mountains! It's a River! ⇔ Barbecue!

Part A: It's time for summer uniforms and the students are assigned to pool cleaning. It does not take long for them to make some mess of it.

Part B: The afternoon before the test, Mayoi suggests a study group meeting in Io's house. Sakaki cannot go because he has a shift in Hatch Potch, so it is Io and the three girls. In the middle of the episode,(part B) Tsumiki went into Io's house first being alone with Io. She went in side his room seeing his bed with one of his shirts on top. She takes it and smells it realising that Mayoi and Hime behind her. After the test, the weather turns rainy and there are fewer umbrellas than needed.


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