The Relentless Snowball Fight ⇔ Cooking Class
Season 01, Episode 03
Air date April 19, 2012
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Delicious Cakes ⇔ Valentine Kiss
I Want to Catch ⇔ Donna Donna of Love

Part A: Winter is almost over, and Mayoi and Sakaki convince Hime, Io, and Tsumiki to play outside. They start off with building snowmen, and then decide to have a snowball fight. The two teams are Sakaki and Mayoi vs. Hime, Io, and Tsumiki. Sakaki and Mayoi have a few tricks up their sleeves, but eventually it's just down to Mayoi and Tsumiki. Tsumiki overpowers Mayoi, meaning her team won.

Part B: Everyone comes to cooking class, where Tsumiki is on a different team than Io. Tsumiki uses this chance to show off her cooking skills. Io is also shown to be very talented when it comes to cooking. Mayoi, however, manages to make a monster out of food.


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