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Hello there, friend~[]

Morning!! I'm Meganekko, an anxiety-ridden gamer who spends too much time on the Silent Hill wiki. Upon stumbling across this wiki a while back, I added some photos. Returning to it, I noticed that... well... this wiki is a mess. I'm not the most prolific wiki editor, but you'll probably see me on here from time to time, trying to fix things up. I'm also the admin here, having adopted this wiki. I'm quite new to this, but feel free to ask me anything! I am open to suggestions, advice, and will try to answer any questions.

I like hugs, video games, anime, writing, doodling, and boring stuff. I also play the double horn!

Favorite Characters[]

  • Heather Mason, James Sunderland, Mary Sunderland, and Alex Shepherd (Silent Hill)
  • Princess Zelda, Link, Lana, and Agatha (Legend of Zelda)
  • Colress, Rosa, Cyrus, Cynthia, Dawn, and Red (Pokemon)
  • Dorothy, Barrett, Clorica, and Doug (Rune Factory)
  • Bayonetta and Balder (Bayonetta)
  • Miiko, Tsumiki, and Io (Acchi Kocchi)